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Company profile

Yuan Ji Guang style hand-made dumplings, the country has nearly 3500 chain stores

Guangdong Yuanji Food Group Co., Ltd

》Modern catering enterprises
Yuanji Food Group originated in Guangzhou and has been operating for more than 10 years. It has founded and operated several sub-brands, such as "Yuanji Yunjiao", "Yuanlianghong" and "Yuanji Weixiang", and has a food manufacturing and supply chain system integrating independent research and development, production and distribution.
 Up to now, there are nearly 3,500 stores nationwide, spreading over 151 large and medium-sized cities. It has formed an omni-channel development pattern online and offline, with six major operation centers, five modern factories, and nine warehousing centers. The number of employees of the group and its sub-brands is more than 17,200.

》Modern production factories
Based on the concept of excellence, Yuanji Food Group spares no effort in equipment automation, system intelligence, and data management and control, in order to improve factory human efficiency and achieve big data management and control.
 It has four modern factories: Suzhou Yuanliang factory, Foshan Yuanhong factory, Foshan Hansao factory, Foshan Maideli factory, and Foshan Yuanyu factory.

》Leading brand of dumplings
The brand "Yuanji Yunjiao" of Guangdong Yuanji Food Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangzhou and is known as the "authentic" Cantonese dumplings. Based on the research of traditional food culture, we constantly explore the new appearance of different eating habits in modern times, and develop fresh, healthy, nutritious, thin skin and large filling dumplings, which are widely favored by consumers and quickly occupy the market, becoming the leading brand in the national noodle industry.

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Brand story

It started in 1946
Guangzhou laoxiguan
Xiguan, the west of Guangzhou, outside the gate, is known as the food in Guangzhou and the taste in Xiguan. Yuan Ji was born here in 1940s. Eight people, a big table and an old storefront were the silhouettes of the first generation of Yuan Ji people in the wave of building a new China for all at that time. Thanks to the reform and opening up and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the second generation yuan Jiren felt that it was time to carry forward the craftsmanship of his parents and let more people enjoy the authentic traditional hand-made dumplings, which was yuan Jiren's dream for many years. With the development of the times, the third generation of Yuanji people realized that traditional dumplings are heavy in oil, taste and easy to be greasy, while modern people are more in pursuit of freshness, nutrition and health. Based on the principle of people-oriented, eating well first, and then eating delicious, Yuan Jiren decided to choose the front leg pork with more exercise than other parts, which is more delicate and lean. At the same time, the method of adding spices to improve the flavor of traditional crafts is removed, and the original flavor of food materials is restored, so as to make a good dumpling for customers to eat at ease. So far, more than 70 years have passed since the founding of our ancestors, and more than 1000 stores have been opened. Yuan Ji's three generations are just like the pleated mouth of dumplings. They fold one generation after another just to make a good dumpling. The smoke curled up and the dumplings were handed out. Yuan has a long life.

development history


Guangzhou head office was established

In January, Guangzhou head office was established.
In the same year, Yuanji opened its first store,
Opened in Chajiao, Liwan (laoxiguan), Guangzhou.


Compose a new chapter

The company entered the market of raw flour products and wrote a new chapter
And registered "Yuan Lianghong" trademark in the same year.


Brand image upgrade

Yuanji's 10th store opened,
The number of stores is increasing.
In the same year, Yuanji brand visual identity system version 1.0 was launched,
Brand image is totally new.


System development

In November, a modern factory building of 2000 square meters was built,
Located in Lishui, Foshan;
Internal management system and self built distribution system.


Leap and breakthrough

In December, it opened the door of cross regional operation,
and Entering the markets of Hunan, Hubei and Sichuan,
andThe company has more than 100 stores.


Perfection and exploration

The company improves its internal management system and conducts pilot projects in Jiangsu Province;
In the same year, we entered the cooked food market to explore the integration mode of raw and cooked food,
Open a new milestone in the national


Rapid expansion

In March, it entered the East China market and opened its first store in Nanjing
In March, Beijiao, the first raw and cooked food store in Foshan, South China market, opened
In June, there were more than 300 Yuanji stores all over the country


Innovation and development

In May, there were nearly 500 stores nationwide; To enter the Beijing market,
In July, the upgrade of brand visual identity system version 3.0 was completed
To stabilize the leading position of the whole country's noodle industry
In the s


Innovation and development

Nearly 1000 stores nationwide
North China branch was established
The new modern chemical plant, Foshan Lishui hansao, was put into operation
To stabilize the leading position of the whole country's noodle industry.

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