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Strong self owned supply chain system
Five modern chemical plants
  • 3000
    early stage
    Million investment
  • 15000+
    square meter
  • Advanced
    Flour products
    Generating line
Guangdong hansao food science and Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of "yuanjiyun dumpling" brand and Foshan "HUIFENGYUAN" group A joint stock company formed by joint investment. Mainly production and sales of wonton dumpling dough, fresh noodles, semi-finished products Dry noodles, wonton noodles, ramen, gift box noodles, noodles products as one of the food enterprises. Now we have a domestic leading level of flour products production line, strictly abide by GMP, SSOP product quality Standard management, the establishment of HACCP management system to ensure product quality and food safety. Do more than consume The company has become an enterprise deeply trusted by the society. Hansao is committed to providing nutrition and healthy food for consumers and sharing high quality life.